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San Andres, Colombia


Colombia is really starting to branch out and grab travelers attention. The travelers are discovering what Colombia has to offer and it is bound to amaze them. Colombia has modern cities with skyscrapers and nightclubs as well as Caribbean beaches, jungle walks and Amazon safaris. Colombia also offers Colonial cities, archaeological ruins, mountains, whale watching, scuba diving, surfing, and much more. The Colombian culture is just like the country's weather which changes by altitude. The heartland of the country includes the cities of Bogota, Medellin, and Cali along with the smaller cities of the Zona Cafetera. The Spanish is easy to understand and the water is drinkable. The roads are very well maintained and the mountain region is good.

The people of Colombia are slow moving and very laid back as so is the culture. Colombia is located on the border of Venezuela and Brazil, on the south is Ecuador and Peru. Colombia is one of the largest nations in the world and the fourth largest in South America. The Spanish first arrived during the year of 1499 and made a period of conquest and colonization. Colombia has a standing middle power with the fourth largest economy in South America as well as a large impact of poverty. The name Colombia comes from Christopher Columbus. In 1819 the name was adopted by the Republic of Colombia, then the territories were formed such as the old Viceroyalty of New Granada.

The culture part of the Embassy of Colombia is focused on the promotion of Colombian culture in the United States which follows the guidelines by the Bureau of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Relations. The Cultural exchange is known to be a very powerful tool to strengthen relations between countries and also allows citizens to better understand the origins and situations the nation is facing. Right behind Brazil and Mexico, Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America. The ethnic diversity in Colombia is a combination of indigenous peoples, Europeans, and Africans. The nationality of Colombia is Colombian and the main language is Spanish. Most people see Colombia as a paradise as well as an easy country to fall in love with which most travelers and visitors do.

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Beach in San Andres in Colombia

Attractions in Colombia

     Barrio La Candelaria can be found in Bogota, Colombia. It is haunted by the historical memories that exist. It is located in the original area that the city was founded. There are so many things to experience while visiting Barrio La Candelaria such as Carrera Septima which was originally a royal street. There is also Plaza Bolivar and the Cathedral Primada de Bogota. If visitors walk towards the hill they will see a typical square which is called Plazuela de Don Rufino Jose Cuervo and Iglesia de San Ignacio. Keep walking and visitors will also find the Military Museum and the Camarin Del Carmen theater as well.    

Visit the islands of San Andres, Providencia, and Santa Catalina. These islands were names by the United Nations as a World Biosphere Reserve. In 1510 Spain conquered the islands then in 1538 they became part od Panama. The islands were then passed onto Guatemala and Nicaragua, it wasn't until 1822 when the islands were officially part of the Republic of Colombia. These islands are truly a paradise with enchanted land and sea scapes, great white sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters. There are many things to do on the islands such as visit the Bautista Emmanuel Church, go to Johnny Cay or Sucre Island, see the Blow Hole, Morgan Cave, the Rose Cay or The Acquarium, and much more to enjoy and relax on the islands.

The Banco de la Republica Gold Museum is a place where there are preserves held along with one of the most important collections of pre-Hispanic metallurgy in the world. This collection helps to make it widely recognized and made it an exhibit. The history is dated back to 1939 and has helped make this organization become a symbol of Colombia's cultural memory. The exhibits at the museum include The Working of Metals, People and Gold in Pre-Hispanic Colombia, Cosmology and Symbolism, The Offering, and The Exploratorium. The museum has guided tours, programs, and a mailing list. The museum goes by a mission statement and organization to preserve, to research and classify, and to make known.

Boyaca is for their hard working people, it is a region in Colombia that has beautiful crafts and arts, Colonial Villages and rich history. Most people like to take a car to see Boyaca and stop in all the small villages and taking advantages of their products, food, and history. Tunja is the capital of Boyaca and was founded in 1539 by a man named Gonzalo Suarez Rendon. Some of the popular attractions for Boyaca are the Boyaca Bridge, The Home of the Historian Juan De Vargas, The Monkey of the Fountain, and Cushions of Zaque. The Boyaca Bridge is a historical place and is the main tourism center. The Home of the Historian Juan de Vargas is a mansion and monument that is very interesting. The Monkey of the Fountain is a very respected spot for tourist that everyone must remain silent until they have passed it. Cushions of Zaque is located in the hills of San lazaro and tourist can find stones that make the famous rock with engravings.

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Inside the Zipaquira Cathedral in Colombia

Things to do and see in Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia is known to be filled with the sounds of music and bright with color and tradition. It is also known as Cartagena de Indias and it has been a significant port on the Caribbean since 1533 when it was first founded. There were pirates that looted the city and gold and silver that left the port going to Europe. There was also a walled fort that grew to protect both shipping and the slave trade. The people visiting Cartagena like the history, the sights, the weather, and the nightlife. This city has Colonial charm and is known as the old walled city. There are plenty of museums and fortresses to see while visiting as well.  

The Parque Arqueologico de San Agustin is a park that spreads over an area that is 500 square kilometers and is known as the largest of the pre Colombian sites in South America. This park brings together the cultural influences of people from the Andes, Amazonia, and the Caribbean. There are statues, dolmens and carvings, and relics that tell a tale of their own. All in all there are about 500 statues and tombs total that are spread out all around the park but in groups. The statues are of gods and actual men along with the Goddess of Motherhood. Some of the statues are guarding burial chambers and some look like they have jaguar type mouths, some look like birds of prey, snakes, and other animals such as monkeys, frogs, and eagles.

The Isla Gorgona is also known as the Parque Nacional Natural Isla Gorgona and was once a penal colony. It sits at about 50 km off the Pacific coast to the southern part of Colombia. This island was first created in 1985 and is now a national park. Part of where the prison building was is now converted into lodging, a restaurant which just happens to be the only one on the island, and research. The natural reserve of the park is filled with rich wildlife that comes from the sub tropical forest and the coral reefs offshore. Before the arrival of the Spaniards, the island was inhabited by Indian tribes, these Indian tribes left artifacts, stone statues and a ceremonial site called El Templete.

Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is known as one of the most popular attractions in Colombia. It was the salt miners who originally built the salt cathedral in 1954. The cathedral was then dedicated to their patron saint, Nuestra Senora del Rosario. The building was deteriorating continuously and became unsafe for people, it was then closed. The new building was opened in 1995 of December, the whole building is built underground. The building was created by the salt miners carving large open spaces out of rock salt deposits in the mine. The mine however is still open until this day. It is a very interesting attraction the whole family can enjoy as well as learn from.